Environmental Commentary: Energy Policy

From my perspective:   In 1992 I published a small book of environmental graphics entitled FoxSense: A View of Humans and Their Environment.  

As I review the contents I find it interesting that so many of the issues included are just as relevant today as they were two decades ago. The graphic shown here is an example from the book.

There is an unintended irony in this 20-year-old cartoon since "deep water" is where we increasingly seek our petroleum.  

The original point of the graphic was to convey that one of the most powerful economic systems on Earth (the U. S.) continues to place such a heavy emphasis on a finite energy source, one that will likely be economically depleted before 2050, especially if the other 82% of humanity in developing countries decides to depend as heavily on petroleum.

This message does not even mention the climate-destabilizing carbon emissions associated with petroleum and other fossil fuel use.

Fred Montague's FoxSense environmental graphic commenting on a long-term energy policy based on a finite (short-term) resource.