New Hand-Bound Book

Beginning with the Winter 2010-11 issue of the print version of Edible Wasatch magazine, the editors commissioned Fred to write a series of essays.   These were based on the ecology and sustainability themes he presented in Gardening:  An Ecological Approach.

This collection of succinct, readable accounts is now available in a limited first edition hand-bound book.  The title is Garden Notes:  Thoughts on Gardening, Ecology, and Sustainability.  The 13 essays have been updated;  Fred added “notes’;  and then he hand-bound the 100-page text for this special edition of artist’s books. 

The essays comprise a coherent and timely discussion of the important issues of our time, ranging from soil and biodiversity to energy and genetically modified food.  Of course, they all circle back to the garden and the role that individuals can play in being part of the solution.

Here is the information from the back cover page of the book . . .  


Garden Notes: 

Thoughts on Gardening, Ecology, and Sustainability

Collectively, these thirteen essays offer a comprehensive and easy-to-understand account of the critical ecological processes that support life on Earth.  They link the role of gardening with these processes and with an easily accessible and immediate approach to living more sustainably.



Diversity, Stability, Sustainability

Ecologically Competent People

Soil Matters

Solar-Powered People

The Intimacy of Global Nutrient Cycles

Global Conservation, Backyard Style

There Are Limits

Backyards and Biodiversity

Nature's Lessons and the Backyard Garden

A Safe and Natural Garden

The Robust, Reliable Garden

Harvest after the Frost

GMOs:  Food, Profit, Risk


Fred Montague is a wildlife biologist, gardener, teacher, artist and author.  He is Professor (Lecturer) Emeritus of Biology at the University of Utah.

$32.00 U.S.


The book is soft-cover, bound in the Oriental style, and measures 7 inches by 8.5 inches.  It consists of 99 numbered pages of text (with two full-page illustrations). The book is printed on Howard linen, and the text is Bookman 10-point.  Each book in the first edition is signed and numbered.