This Week's Post: Now, More Than Ever, Let Your Voice Be Heard

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This week's post: Now, more than ever, let your voice be heard. 

We, in the conservation, environmental, and social justice movements, are fortunate to have a host of effective organizations to keep us informed and to give us a chance to join others via email petitions in communicating with elected representatives, corporate executives, and government agencies, etc.

In addition, there still is great power in the form of a personal, cordial, hand-written note.  Consider sending these "Fox Sense" notecards to friends, neighbors, elected representatives, and others to politely communicate your concerns and hopes.

There are eight cards (with envelopes) in each pack, and each card has a different environmental or political message.  My thought is that you simply write a polite "thank you for your service" sentiment, sign the card and include your address (if writing to a legislator, for instance).  Your message will be read, and the fox's message may be considered. 

This is just a suggestion, but in this particular time, any action is better than doing nothing.

All eight messages appear below.  These notecard packs are $12.00 each ($1.50/card and envelope).  If you order 4 packs, you will receive a fifth pack with my compliments.

You can also use these cards as bumper stickers for your desk, bulletin board. or refrigerator.