Environmental Commentary: "Fighting Nature"

This 1992 FoxSense graphic has often been criticized as being a bit of an overstatement. 

For me, the overstatement originates from the enthusiastic marketing, sales, and use of toxic chemicals for a  wide variety of reasons and uses, including spraying poisons on our crops (our food) and watersheds (drinking water).

And then, of course there's a global amphibian decline, colony collapse disorder (bees), and biological magnification of toxic chemical concentrations in food chains everywhere (including the Arctic).

For an expanded discussion, please read "The Safe, Non-toxic Garden" essay in the spring 2013 issue of EdibleWastatch. 

If you have a choice, which overstatement would you like to base your health on?

 "Fighting Nature" from Foxsense. © 1992 Fred Montague

 "Fighting Nature" from Foxsense. © 1992 Fred Montague