Environmental Commentary: "The Great Global Chemistry Experiment"

The page below (from my 1992 FoxSense book) describes the chemical consequences of the industrial progress we have chosen (or acquiesced to) . Widespread dissemination of synthetic toxics distinguishes our modern times.  

Since 1992 we have added many more formulations and categories: BPA, problematic substitutes for previously banned toxics, VOC's (volatile organic compounds), POP's (persistent organic pollutants), and many more. Some of the chemicals we now regulate in the U.S. we continue to manufacture for export. We then import finished manufactured products and agricultural produce to complete what environmentalists call the"circle of poison."

The lab report (in 200 years) will be interesting.

"The Great Global Chemistry Experiment" from Fred Montague's  Foxsense . © 1992 Fred Montague

"The Great Global Chemistry Experiment" from Fred Montague's Foxsense. © 1992 Fred Montague